The Great Shipping Issue

Auspost and Covid19

We are a small operation - we run with small margins to give our customers the best we can. We are so small we don't take pay yet. Yep, it's a tight ship.

We have an awesome shipping partner and they are doing their best. Currently, our orders are packaged and shipped within 2 business days. They work their asses off.

We have to keep our fulfilment centre overseas to keep our product prices reasonable without it no one could afford anything. As a Veteran owned business, I've seen some stuff, but emails in all caps asking where their product is after 3 days in a global pandemic well ... we just don't deal with people like that. 

Honestly, if you send me that I'll tell you to fuck off. Sorry. It's the Army. It keeps you honest. We do our best to give you the best and provide solutions where we can. 

It WILL get better. Once our governments stop acting like toddlers. :P 

Keep charging hard,