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Threshold Tactical

Australian Tactical Kangaroo Patch - Royal Australian Navy Version (Grey)

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This patch is our homage to a long tradition going back to the White Kangaroo painted on armoured vehicles in Africa. For many diggers, this patch is a good luck charm, a symbol of fighting spirit and in some cases a symbol of fear for the enemy. This patch is laser ct on DPNU grey with the standard shoulder patch size used by the RAN.

The first known instance of a RAN warship affixing a red kangaroo to her funnel/superstructure occurred in 1955 when HMAS Queenborough was attached to the Royal Navy 6th frigate Squadron operating from Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The 6th Frigate squadron had as its squadron insignia the 'Red Hand of Ulster'. In keeping with that squadron's tradition, Queenborough conformed to the practice but also added a red kangaroo to denote her Australian origin.

The Red Kangaroo can be found on the side of most Australian Army vehicles today, however, such as the Bushmaster and the Abrams tank.

The Australian Red Kangaroo (and the "Tactical Kangaroo" - the same decal but painted very dark grey) insignia would be a great addition to War Thunder's decal options. The design of the Red Kangaroo Insignia, as shown below, was first used in 1955, when the crew of the HMAS Queensborough painted a Red Kangaroo on one of her smoke funnels to distinguish her Australian origins while attached to a Royal Navy frigate squadron.

This is a very special patch. A Navy patch. If you wear it. Don't disrespect it.