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Higonokami "HIGO" BLACK Folding Knife - Sadakoma Type

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Higonokami (肥後守) knives are a form of traditional Japanese pocket knife that dates back to 1896. The blade of these friction folding knives can be safely kept in the 'open' position by applying thumb pressure to the Chikiri ('Tail' lever) that is integrated into the blade.

The handle of traditional Higonokami knives was made from stamped metal sheets, typically brass, but some contemporary knives feature beautifully figured wood or hi-tech carbon fibre.

Please note that high carbon steel is used in the production of traditional Japanese knives, not stainless steel, which may be prone to rust and discolouration over time. Such cosmetic deterioration is normal for a knife of this kind. To minimise the cosmetic deterioration of your knife, please ensure it is stored in a dry environment, while being kept clean and oiled when not in use, and sharpened often.

7CR Stainless Steel

Blackened handle

Overall Length:
Blade Length:
Handle Length:
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