IDOGEAR Tactical Chest Rig D3CR Plate Carrier Cordura

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IDOGEAR Tactical Chest Rig D3CR Plate Carrier Vest Cordura

Material: High-quality Nylon Fabric.
Package: Chest rig x 1
Colour: Multicam, Coyote Brown, Black, Olive Drab
Max size: Up to 117cm

4 rifle magazine pouches (M4/M16, AK Series) with retention tabs.
2 multi-mission pouches, fits standard single and double stack magazine pouches/ flashlights & multitools.
2 general purpose pouches with velcro flap closures.
1 "Stuffit" expandable pouch with the adjustable bungee cord.
Bungee Cord and retention tabs for quick access to the content.
Can be worn as a stand-alone system with a detachable H-harness.
Clipped into an armour platform equipped with a quick-release system.
Attach wedges to the big velcro area on the backside can easily extend the rig.
Can be attached to compatible armour platforms to maximize real estate.
One size fits most.