RKC- "DUMA" – Threshold Tactical


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Rhodesian Knife Company "DUMA" Finnish Steel Knife

DUMA means Thunder in Ndebele reflected on the colours and beautiful polish of the blade. 


The RKC Custom "DUMA" Nessmuk is a full-tang, carbon steel blade in 80CrV2, hardened to 59 HRC. The blade is 3.8 mm thick,  25-35 mm high and has 125 mm of blade length. The total length including the handle is 235 mm. The handle has holes for 1/4" Corby bolts and 1/4" lanyard tube.

Acid Etched and Polished blade with a grey and white epoxy resin custom handle with brass fittings. Hand polished to a fine finish. Perfect for bush work and the outback. The sheath is custom art Kydex with reinforced clip and lanyard. The blade is razor-sharp and perfect for bush work and hunting.

This is a one of a kind RKC Custom Blade that comes with a certificate of authenticity. Created by Rhodesian Veterans in Perth, WA.