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Threshold Tactical


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Rhodesian Knife Company "ITSHE" Finnish Steel Bush Knife


"ITSHE" is described as Hard Stone in Ndebele. Used to make tools and spear tips. 

Finnish Steel, stone tumbled with stones from the shores of Lake Kariba. The handle is Rhodesian old school cammo colouring and Israeli Pearwood with paracord and finished ends with the sign of Tyr. The skull custom Kydex sheath included a reinforced backing. Hand made. 1 of 1 with a certificate of authenticity.

"Nessmuk" is named after George W. Sears, pen name "Nessmuk".

Sears was an early pioneer in writing about bushcraft, calling for going to the forest "not to rough it, but to smooth it". His book is available for free online and considered a "must-read" by many of us who go to the bush to enjoy a few days of quiet, stoking a fire and holding down a log.

The Nessmuk is a full-tang, carbon steel blade in 80CrV2, hardened to 59 HRC. The blade is 3.8 mm thick,  25-35 mm high and has 125 mm of blade length. The total length including the handle is 235 mm. The handle has holes for 1/4" Corby Bolts and a 1/4" lanyard tube.