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Rhodesian Knife Company - "TOKOLOTSHE" Hunting Knife

TOKOLOTSHE is a Bantu, Xhosa and Zulu mythological demon that would steal your eyes while you slept. A mischievous creature that scared children for generations. This knife - finished in stained green and polished Olive Wood.  

Each handle is completely different. The blades are finished off with a 100% hand-stitched leather sheath.

Hand-made Damascus blades are forged in Zimbabwe and finished in Perth, Western Australia by Rhodesian Veterans. Each blade is completely different and made from scratch. The handles are finished off in Ebony, Rosewood, Buffalo Black Horn, [REDACTED] Bone and Olive Wood.

The 100% leather sheath is hand-stitched with the RKC logo laser etched into the sheath and blade. Some blades are one-offs and each blade has it's own spirit. The spirit of the Nyadenga is woven into the fabric and folds of over 160 to 256 folds of 1095 and 15N20 sheets of steel in Damascus Forging. The hardness is rated at 58 to 63 HRC. 

All bone or horn used in the knife is ethically harvested and sourced in local communities. No unnecessary animal life is taken to produce our knives.