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RKC "Inyathi" Buffalo Horn African Kitchen Knives (2 Only)

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Rhodesian Knife Company "Inyathi" Scalper


Inyathi means Buffalo in Ndebele. The handle is brass pinned, shaped and polished ebony Buffalo Horn with a folded Damascus Steel Scalper Shape Blade in drop pattern with a custom thick double-stitched Hunter's Leather Sheath.  

These knives are not stamped with the RKC logo. 

*Each knife is unique due to the nature of Buffalo Bone no patterns are alike. All sales are final and checked and oiled before postage.

These knives do not come with a certificate or makers mark. Dad's super intense perfectionism wasn't happy with the quality of the bone.

I convinced him to let them go to some good homes as their handle imperfections make them unique.