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Threshold Tactical

The Voodoo Emergency Carbon Fibre 4K Glass Breaker & Bottle Opener

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Designed for Emergency Services and First Responders 
The Voodoo design is custom made from two layers of 4K Carbon Fibre and a green layer of absorption material. 
Breaking glass is harder than most people realise. A lot of first responders use bars or pistol butts in emergency situations. We designed this tool to carry in the pocket and to use quickly. It's decorated and designed by a former Israeli Sniper & Paratrooper. 
Getting into hot cars to rescue children and dogs. The round sides can also be used as a bottle opener and the paracord can be used in emergencies.
A great tool to have in your kit bag!
The Voodoo is definitely not designed as a weapon and by purchasing it, you acknowledge this fact and that the user is solely determined by you. 
This tool is suited to Defence & First Responders and to be carried within the appropriate laws in your country and state. Be Smart.