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Threshold Tactical

Threshold Tactical - COVID19 Survivors OEF Operation Challenge Coin (SOLD OUT)

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Let's be honest - 2020 has been a c*nt of a year! We wanted a challenge coin for our own team to keep as a token of surviving one of the worst years ever. It's been a shitshow for a lot of people. Especially frontline workers. These are black nickel-plated with injected colour. Small enough to keep as a good luck charm or a great gift to give to your team. 

We created this from one of our favourite patches and each batch of 30 we do will be limited edition. The colours will change slightly to keep each coin unique and something special. We've kept the price as low as possible as well! 

All proceeds from this will go to funding our privately run Veteran's Support Group. (Tea, Coffee, Hall Hire etc. is never free) 

This challenge coin is Veteran Designed and ships from WA.