Threshold Tactical “Valley of Death” Vertical Hanging One Sided Flag (excl. shipping)

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We had such a huge response to our double-sided vertical hanging tactical flags that we decided to create a cheaper one-sided version to make our quality access to those who can’t afford the $60 flags. 

These flags have been tested against all of the requirements of producing the flag using the official Australian flag blueprint and adhere to all conditions. Created with a Pakistani sourced poly blend and produced by our Tina our flag production genius who came up with adding extra stitching to the grommet points and a few other goodies that keep the quality high and the cost as low as we can go. 
This is a flag designed with our very own registered TTCam pattern  and created with a colour palette with the Australian bush or middle eastern landscape in mind. 
It is a deployment flag designed to fly in gyms or lines or anywhere where our soldiers need inspiration about what they’re doing it all for. 

This flag flys from the top of our warehouse and we are proud of it. 
The Soldiers Flag. 
priced so any soldier can afford it. 

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