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Threshold Tactical

Without Mercy Coffee Company - TKD Dark Roast Blend (Brazil, Papua New Guinea & Colombia)

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Bold, creamy, dark chocolate, bitter-sweet, toasted nutty aroma.  A delicious blend of beans from Brazil, Colombia and Papua New Guinea brings all these flavours together in a darker textured roast. Beans are dark with an oily texture and perfect for a coarse to medium grind. 

The Darkest Roast in our lineup results in a very strong and fuller-bodied flavour with a traditional Italian roast profile with reduced acidity that is perfect for espresso lovers. If you prefer STRONG coffee, this is it.

Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Colombian Bean Blend

The 4thst Blend from the FIRST West Australian Veteran Owned Coffee Company! 
TKD is a blend that will rock you. 

100% Arabica
A Flavour Profile created by an Award-Winning Master Roaster!

Available in :

1KG Bags 

Please remove stickers before recycling. Stickers can be reused

All bags come with cards from Open Arms. 

Our mission behind WMCC is to remind Veterans that there are people ready to talk to them.